Our Process

About Us

It’s not every day that people hire an interior designer, so the differences in services provided from one firm to the other can be easily misunderstood. As a brand that provides full-service interior design and decoration, we thought to take a moment to explain what this actually means.


Full-service design basically means that the interior design company manages the bulk work involved in a renovation or design/decoration project on behalf of their client. Everything from the initial design, through to selecting the items for the space, engaging any trades, placing the orders and managing the logistics of deliveries, as well as managing the timeline and budget. At Matches Luuxury Dezines this includes finishing the project with accessories and styling items like cushions, art, vases and decor items. Essentially, the process is simplified and made easy for the homeowner. Another way to describe it would be turn-key approach— because all you need to do once it’s finished is turn the key to your home, office or hotel and experience the paradise of your dreams!


Full-service design typically have an organized, structured process to transform your space. At Matches Luxury, our process is as follows:

Stage 1
Meet & greet
Discuss project requirements, budget, outcomes and timeframes

Stage 2
Prepare desig concept and cost estimate.

Stage 3
Sign off design concept
Gather fabrics, colour samples, and submit final quote.

Stage 4
Goods are ordered
Secure tradesmen
Commence project

Stage 5
Finalise paperwork
Ensure client satisfaction
Reflection of project